Inuzica's Steps to constructing a Team

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Inuzica's Steps to constructing a Team

Post  Inuzica on Wed Jun 02, 2010 11:14 pm

Okay so I like making teams, and if I hope for this clan to rise in numbers we need people to construct teams for themselves.

I'll do the steps and tell you the back story after wards.

1.Find the Character(s) you need for the specific mission or just choose a character you like if your not doing missions.
Example:Kazekage Gaara

2.Study the skills they use, the class types, chakras, and how it effects battle.
Example:He can stun, does normal damage, amplifies his own damage, and provides defense.Bloodline,and cannot be copied.

3.Find the weakness(s) of that character and write/type them down.
Example: Gaara is vulnerable to stuns and takes a long time to do real damage. His defense can easily be broken down so his teammates have to know how to heal themelves and each other.

4.Find Two characters that help out that character so they pwn the battle field.
Example: Rin and Tsunade can heal to the extent of saving lives, stun people that can be very dangerous against the team, pierce, help, defend and leave gaara with enough chakra to keep him active.

5.Set up a battle Plan so its easier to win and possibly trick your opponents.
Example:Use Sand Summoning plus Pit trap on the opponent that either deals the most lethal damage or the main healer.Stun them with Gaara's prison thus already dealing 60 damage.Use Desert Missile with Tsu's drop kick thus killing them.Use the next two turns to heal from any other dammage done during that time and use Sand summoning again.This time you may start Rebirth since they may want to attack Tsu or Rin first.At this time use Desert Missile on the character you want to leave last and use pit trap on the character you are planning to kill.After fooling the opponent use Prison and Drop kick at the same time to kill them(You should have saved one chakra from the time you fooled them with pit trap).At this point you may choose to heal or just finish them off with any moves you can.

There, you have a perfectly constructed team Very Happy

Now onto the back story:

Take into affect that not all teams may work, always test them in private battle with another member. Also, some teams you may never have a good combination, there's always help and sections with other teams, other people do the same things you do, so they also have a team.Always have fun making teams,because its the best part doing the teamwork,not when you win.

Hope this helps tongue

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