Team with Shikamaru

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Team with Shikamaru

Post  Inuzica on Thu Jun 03, 2010 5:13 pm

Ten Ten, Shika, and Temari

Battle Plan:

Activate Ten ten's Prep with Shikamaru's Meditate to start it off.
Next use Twin Dragons and place meditate again.
By this time they might want to prevent another meditate so you can either A:Stun them with Twin dragons Trap or B:use Temari's Dust Wind.
Place the last Meditate and use weasel plus shadow bind.
They will go invulnerable at this time so you can use dust win(if you saved it) or just go invulnerable yourselves.AT this time they should have about 50-20 health so finish them with neck bind.

If this plan doesnt work just use TenTen and Temari to finish off whoever survives.Should be easy for getting Asuma and Shika(S) Very Happy

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