The Requirements for Entrance to The Sexy Clan

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The Requirements for Entrance to The Sexy Clan

Post  Admin SoraHayate on Thu Jun 03, 2010 6:17 pm

Hey! We're the Sexy clan and we're in search for people to join our clan.

Requirements for Official Clan Entry:
Must have a 50% win percentage or higher.
Be active at least twice a week (Unless going on vacation and told us ahead of time)
Highest level Genin
Entrance test
Must win 2/3 battles with clan member, if failed with start again the day after.

1. The Squadless are the good players who don’t need to be in a group and can handle themselves in clan wars and also train the trainees.

2. The Recruits are the ones who are just now coming into the clan and haven’t been assigned to a squadless member to train them, if you haven’t met clan entry requirements you may stay here and have at least a week to get the requirements before we boot you out.

3. Trainees are the ones where squadless members teach them the ways of the game and tips with missions; after training is done they are assigned to a squad.
If you want to be Squadless you have to have already been in a sqaud and became so good you don’t need to be in a squad anymore, have all the requirements, and they must be recommended by their squad captains and clan leaders approve of it.

To become Squadless you have to be:

Must have all Characters
Must be at least a missing-nin
Highest streak must be =8
Must have played game for a year
And must be active for at least 2 weeks

Right after Training you get picked into a squad based on your stats and their requirements.

4.Squads are the platoon teams that are set up, they are normally the ones who do missions when we are in clan wars, these type of people battle big group clans to win, the Leaders organize what goes on and how to defeat them. The better your squad the harder your missions, but better the rewards. If you want to change a squad than you must have approval from your squad Captain and the Captain of the squad you want to join, and the new Squad must notify a clan leader.

Overall have fun and be nice
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