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Post  Inuzica on Fri Jun 04, 2010 12:18 pm

Anbu (21-25): 10500 xp
Jounnin (26-30): 15290 xp
Sannin (31-35): 20895 xp

By now you should have enough experience to where you dont need help. I would just like to say Congrats to making it this far,but it gets just a bit harder.Now getting the Sannin is like a steel cage match, they want to defeat you and you want to defeat them.Chaos! Prelude to the Sannin is my favorite mission, you can use so many missions I can't name them all, its really fun when doing it but completing it makes it better.I also recommend getting all 3 Sannin before starting some of the major Shippuden characters like Oro(S),and while trying to get Jiaraya you can finish Kakashi(S) along with it, vise versa.There's just alot of choices, and your on your own at this point.


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