First Ever Mizuharou Clan Tournament!

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First Ever Mizuharou Clan Tournament!

Post  Inuzica on Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:57 am

That's right ladies and gents!

To make your summer better, we'll be giving you...a tournament!

But what's the gain of this Inuzica? You guys may ask(Nos <_<)

The 1st place winner gets to make up their own rank with their own requirements for the clan.If the winner is a guest they become mods and if they are mods they become owners(Please note that these changes are permanent.)

Additionally, the quarter finalist have the option to join the custom rank without having to meet requirements.

Other prizes are loads of personal gfx and other requests you might want for a full week, also you have your own exclusive battle screen gfx

It starts July 8,2010 at noon est, every battles has a 20 minute waiting time, so if your not in in 20 minutes your automatically forfeiting.

You are all competing by default, and if you wish not to compete than just tell me or Sora. The game's win are set up best 2 out of 3.

The clan will be split in half, side A and Side B, call it whatever the hell you want I don't really care.I will supervise side B while Sora supervises side A. Once down to the quarter finals the sides are dissolved and battles are randomized.

The event will end on an unknown time, you must also tell your supervisor which team you are using(Cheap teams are not allowed and the Clan Team will not be allowed in the quarter finals), so that we will have a better view of things if something goes wrong.

*Alternatives and Mizuharou Trail are unable to compete

Rules: No cheap/full teams, no helping your friends, and of course no using of..THE TEAM during quarter finals if you make it there,
Also please use different teams each round of each match(You can sue the same team next match though).

I hope you attend:D

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