The Search for Jiroubou

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The Search for Jiroubou

Post  nosfighter on Sun Jul 04, 2010 7:25 pm

The Search for Jiroubou

Mission type:
D Rank Mission

Mission requirements Rank:
At least Genin

Mission Description:
After Uchiha Sasuke left the village with the Sound Four, Naruto has been given the order to form a small group to rescue Sasuke. Akimichi Chouji wants to join, but he will have to train to improve his strength. Once Chouji is strong enough, he will be able to face Jiroubou and win.

Mission Rewards:
Mission "The Search for Jiroubou" completion.
Character unlocked: Jiroubou

Mission Goals
Win 4 battles in a row with Akimichi Chouji. (4/4)


This team doesn't really need an explanation. But I guess I'll explain a little bit.
Use Choujis Meat Tank if possible. Then on the second turn use Akimichi Pills.
When you do this put Akimichi Pills in front of Meat Tank so the next turn he deals 20 damage.
Use Rin's Pit Trap if she is still at high hp. Once she gets around 60-80..
Try using her Medical Kit. When shes below 50..
Try using Medical Kit on Sakura and then healing Rin with Sakura's Cure. Which will heal 30 health now.
When the opponent aims for Chouji first. Try to heal with both Rin and Sakura.
This team is pretty self-explantory after you try it a few times.

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