The Search for Kidoumaru.

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The Search for Kidoumaru.

Post  nosfighter on Sun Jul 04, 2010 7:55 pm

The Search for Kidoumaru

Mission type:
D Rank Mission

Mission requirements Rank:
At least Genin

Mission Description:
After Uchiha Sasuke left the village with the Sound Four, Naruto has been given the order to form a small group to rescue Sasuke. Hyuuga Neji wants to join, but he will have to train to improve his strength. Once Neji is strong enough, he will be able to face Kidoumaru and win.

Mission Rewards:
Mission "The Search for Kidoumaru" completion.
Character unlocked: Kidoumaru

Mission Goals
Win 4 battles in a row with Hyuuga Neji. (4/4)


Not much to it..
I mostly used Gaara as bait unless i was a ninjutsu whore. (Only with CSS for me T_T)
Use Shikamaru's Meditate on at least 2/3 opponents before using Shadow Bing or Shadow Neck Bind.
Use Neji's Neji Gentle Fist on any opponent you don't want attacking.
Mostly the opponent will go inuvlnerable on the second turn to not get the full 50 damage.
If your using Gaara, use Armor of Sand and save up at least 2 ninjutsu.
Also, when using Gaara, aim Neji's and Shikamaru's attacks on the opponent you want to kill second.
Like i said, there's not much strategy except saving ninjutsu and keeping them alive.

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