The N1 Team for Ladder if you have unlocked the Sannin level characters

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The N1 Team for Ladder if you have unlocked the Sannin level characters

Post  Karuto on Tue Jul 06, 2010 7:52 am

Introduction: This team is really good for streaking and can help you unlock Minato Namikaze.
While meant to be an Anti-Spiker Team, it can go well against all sorts of teams.

Members: Nidaime , Young Kakashi , Izumo and Kotetsu (S).

Strategy: Since it was meant to be an Anti-Spiker Team, we should start with the strategy against Spikers:

1) Spikers :

Cruel and nasty, they ruled Naruto-Arena for quite some time. Everyone knows the legendary team of Gai (S) , Kakashi (S) ,
Cursed seal Sasuke. But now we have a counter!
If you are first, skip your turn. If you are second and you have I&K's SS Field , try to copy it with Young Kakashi's Sharingan. If you dont have a nin chakra , then use Bringer of Darkness. If no gen or nin, attack with something. On the second turn use the skills specified above. The constant invulnerability against melee skills should look like this:

1) I&K's SS Field + Sharingan/ Bringer of Darkness
2) Sharingan's SS Field/ Bringer of Darkness
3) Bringer of Darkness
4) Start the cycle once again.

I would recommend to use this strategy if there are at least 2 melee users.

Now for the ranged users, shall we?

2) Ranged-normal:

Let's take the classic ranged user team Zaku-Temari-1010. Once again, if you are first then skip your turn. On the second turn use Water Collision Destruction and copy it with YK's Sharingan. 90 worth of damage AoE + YK's and I&K's attacks should obliterate
your opponent. Also, your opponent will do 10 less damage with ranged-non-affliction skills.

3) Ranged-affliction

For example, your opponent has Kankuro, Kidoumaru, and 1010.
You should eliminate 1010 and Kankuro first because they are actually the team's aces (well Kankuro is). Kankuro's Bomb + Kidoumaru's Spider + Ten Ten's Twin Dragons even without a prep is 100 damage already. Keep that in mind. That 100 damage AoE for them should take about 4-6 turns. That means you gotta finish them simultaneously. Use the same AoE as specified above + IK's and YK's attackson Kankuro and Ten Ten. That should bring you victory.

Also there's a defensive way: Use Nidaime's Water Assault and (if you want and need) copy it with the Sharingan on someone who needs a prep like Kidoumaru or Kankuro ( if they havent done that already) that should keep them stunned until you get the right chakra and attack.

That's all. If I helped you, post here. Sorry if I had any grammar mistakes.


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Post  nosfighter on Thu Jul 08, 2010 6:00 pm

Epic team Karuto Very Happy
Best Stolen Ladder Team for me. lol!

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