The God of the Shinobi

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The God of the Shinobi

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The God of the Shinobi

Mission type:
Sannin Mission

Mission requirements Rank:
At least Sannin

Mission Description
Wracked by the grief of the wayward ways of his former students, Sandaime wallows in self-guilt, unable to bring himself to even move. Break this dark depression of Sandaime’s by showing him there is still hope for his former students!

Mission Rewards
Mission "The God of the Shinobi" completion.
Character unlocked: Sandaime Hokage

Mission Goals
Win 8 battles in a row with Orochimaru. ( 8 / 8 )
Win 8 battles in a row with Tsunade. ( 8 / 8 )
Win 8 battles in a row with Jiraiya. ( 8 / 8 )

1. Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Tsunade
2. Orochimaru, Shikamaru S, Kyuubi
3. Orochimaru, Kin, Kabuto
4. Orochimaru, Tayuya, Kabuto
5. Jiraiya, Tenten, Deidara
6. Jiraiya, 4 Tails, Asuma S
7. Jiraiya, Kimmimaro, Temari
8. Tsunade, Kyuubi, Shizune
9. Tsunade, CSS, Shikamaru S
10. Tsunade, Kakuzu, Chiyo

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