Mister. Doctor. Professor. Engineer. Genius. God. Nubcake. Squad. GFX.

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Mister. Doctor. Professor. Engineer. Genius. God. Nubcake. Squad. GFX.

Post  nosfighter on Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:49 pm

Welcome to the Mister, Doctor, Professor, Engineer, Genius, God, Nubcake Squad!
Welcome to MDPEGGNS!
Welcome to Mr.Nubcake Squad!
Yesh. Its freakingggg long. (Thats what she said.)
I would be the Leader of this Nubcake Squad.
Nosfighter, FlyBoy, Nubcake, or Nub glad to be at your service.Very Happy
I can now proudly say i have the MASN Award in Mizuharou. Rolling Eyes
The Most Awesome Squad Name Award!

You can join my EPIC squad if you meet ANY of these requirements below. Very Happy
1. Play Naruto-Arena or Soul-Arena or Rumble Fighter or LaTale or Nostale! (Computer nerds!!)
2. Can make GFX. (Better than mine??)
3. Funny. Humorous. (Funny people are epic..)
4. Have a cool name. (Like me. FlyBoy. Nosfighter. Mr. Nubcake. Muhahahaha.)
5. Perverted. Very Happy (Jkjk, but seriously..)

Ranks and Members and Nicknames.
This will show your Squad Number, Rank, IGN, and Nickname.

God Nubs
1. Nosfighter (Squad Creator and Leader)(FlyBoy, Mr.Nubcake, Nub)

Too Nub to have a Rank
2. XtremeRoyalz(Squad Co-Leader, Nubbiest Nub)(NivekRoyalz, Nivek, SuperNub)


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